Tomáš Hejlek identity design
I've decided to design my own identity just to show what are my abilities - to design a logo and it's aplication.
 The logo
It is basically just monogram of my name T & H. I was looking for a very elegant way how to join these two letters and this is the outcome. The symbol itself doesn't have any hidden meaning. And I think it shloudn't have, it is that my personality changes, my goals changes, my opinions changes and so on. So I didn't want to hide anything personal in it, I just wanted to look it nice and clean.
There are two versions with text. First one is for print purpoases mainly and the second one is for more compact usages. 
Colours are chosen by my personal taste. It is very strong contrast combination but i think that they works together more than great. 
Thank you for your time! 
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